If you think you like to live on the edge, believe me, you’ve got nothing on these guys, who were involved in some of the worst racing accidents of all time.

Be warned though, some of the video links below do depict fatal crashes. Remember them for the great racers and fearless competitors they were.

Scott Kalitta’s Fatal Crash – Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

Unfortunately, Scott Kalitta didn’t make it out of this crash alive. While drag racing his funny car, it suddenly burst into flames and exploded before the eyes of horrified spectators. If you’re a little squeamish, you may want to give this one a pass – rest in peace, Scott Kalitta.


Niki Lauda’s Crash – Nürburgring 1976

It doesn’t matter which racing era you look at, there has always been tragic accidents. That proved true at the 1976 German Grand Prix as well, when Niki Lauda’s car burst into flames. Remarkably, not only did he walk away from this horrific crash, he would return to race again as well.

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