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The Best Pre-Owned SUVs to Buy for Under $10,000

There’s a lot to like about SUVs. From power to versatility to style, it’s no wonder SUVs have risen in popularity the past few years. But what’s not so great about SUVs is the price. In the U.S., buyers are paying an average of $28,700 on a new SUV according to Kelly Blue Book data.…

Why You Should Buy Last Year’s Model Instead of a Brand New Truck

When you start shopping for a new truck to replace your current vehicle, you probably look for the latest and greatest models. After all, few drivers want to own last year’s pickup trucks.

Tesla Charging Station

Elon Musk Downplays Tesla ‘Battery Day’ Announcements

It’s Battery Day! Tesla will host its annual shareholder meeting today, September 22. That will be followed by a “Battery Technology Day” presentation. Battery Day was hyped up by the company earlier this year, but now they are tempering expectations. Tesla is likely to disclose specifications for at least one new type of battery they…

Nikola Motor Company

Nikola Founder Leaves Company Amid Controversy

The founder of embattled electric-vehicle start-up Nikola is stepping down. Trevor Milton, the face of Nikola since he founded the company in 2014, has resigned as Executive Chairman, effective immediately. He has been replaced by board member Steve Girsky the company said in a written statement. The shake-up comes as the Phoenix-based maker of electric…

Report: The Ford Ranger is the Most “Made in America” Vehicle

A lot of domestic auto brands like to advertise themselves as “American Made.” And while those models are certainly assembled in the United States, it’s not really that simple. The globalization of the auto industry means that many pieces of your American Made car are actually from other countries. Those parts get shipped stateside and…

Toronto And Montreal Auto Shows To Be Held Entirely Online In 2021

Canada’s two premier automotive shows are moving entirely online. The Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, as well as the Montreal International Auto Show, will be held exclusively online in 2021. There will be no in-person events due to the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic. Toronto’s virtual show will be held online in its original…