Locked away deep within cavernous buildings owned by automakers are teams of designers and engineers. They get little exposure to sunlight, short bathroom breaks and limited contact with the outside world. Yet these dedicated professionals sometimes create some incredible machines that inspire us, and never make it to production. This is for all of those awesome concept cars management thought nobody would buy, but we would and maybe you would too.

Lamborghini Miura

We’re not talking about the original car, of course, but the concept that was built as part of the Lamborghini brand’s 40th anniversary. Instead of being yet another geometric mess like pretty much all modern Lambos, this one was different. It had oval headlights, soft curves and a look that surely would appeal to people with taste.

Lamborghini, being a proud company, said that it will never bring such a nostalgic vehicle to production because it doesn’t look to the past, but instead focuses on the future. While that piece of Yoda wisdom is great and all, this car should’ve been made, at least in limited numbers.

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