The Dumbest Car Names of All Time

3. Great Wall Wingle

Honestly, this was an actual car and not a dance craze. Manufactured by Great Wall Motors, the Wingle is a compact pick-up truck that has been on the market since 2006. It became the first Chinese-produced pick-up sold in Australia in 2009 and is available in Europe as well.

It may look familiar to some readers at first glance. Truth is, it resembles the Volkswagen Magellan, released in 2002; with the outer shell of the truck licensed from a previous Isuzu/GM model known as the Rodeo.

Massimiliano Lamagna / Shutterstock

2. Hummer

Speaking of dirty minds, while the Hummer has become an extremely popular sports utility vehicle and truck for some families and drivers, it also does happen to be the name of an act that some couples sometimes engage in while in the bedroom (and other discreet areas within the home).

The vehicle received the nickname from the military HMMWV (M998 Humvee) where the car stems from. Nothing against military operations, but someone should have done some research.

The Hummer was first released in 1992 when the auto manufacturer AM General began selling the civilian variety of the vehicle.

Suvorov_Alex / Shutterstock

1. Ford Probe

A cute little sport coupe, the Probe was released in 1989 and was meant to replace the company’s signature Mustang as Ford’s top sleek compact sportscar. Now Mustang, that’s a strong name filled with character; however, Probe sounded like something unorthodox, invasive, inappropriate, and down-right scary!

In the end, Mustang fans weren’t too pleased with the name or what Probe had to offer and it was discontinued in 1997.

Art Konovalov / Shutterstock.