Under the reckless control of Clarkson and company, Top Gear rose from a fairly boring car show into a phenomena. Not only could real gearheads stay glued to the screen, even people who had little interest in cars found the show enthralling. One of the best things about the various episodes was the parade of celebrity guests. Some admittedly were better than others, but the following seven were the absolute best.

Amber Heard

While she had a history of doing teen movies and zombie flicks, Amber Heard wasn’t all that popular until she was a guest on Top Gear. Okay, being Johnny Depp’s wife helped as well, but her time in the ring with Clarkson was something to remember.

Heard didn’t flinch as the banter heated up, even when Clarkson told her that he was picturing her naked. Not many could keep a straight face in that situation, but Heard was able to then deliver a fairly good lap time in the Reasonably Priced Car segment. Her roots as a rough-and-tumble Southern girl came through in that moment, showing that she’s more than just a pretty face.

Ilona Ignatova / Shutterstock.com

Ilona Ignatova / Shutterstock.com

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