Ridesharing service Uber is embracing the future. They have pledged that every ride taken (in North America and Europe, at least) will occur in an electric vehicle by the year 2030. For those counting, that’s a little over nine years to convert their entire fleet. A fleet, it should be pointed out, that is largely owned by drivers themselves.

By 2040, the company promises to be totally zero-emissions. That promise is global, and not restricted to only certain markets. Uber announced these goals in a news release issued by company CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. He said the company wants to drive a “green recovery” in the world after the pandemic eventually subsides.

Joining Forces With GM

Uber said it plans to commit $800 million to help its drivers transition to electric cars within the next decade. They have also enlisted the help of General Motors to reach its goal of having an all-electric fleet in U.S. and Canadian cities by 2030. The majority of Uber drivers use their own personal vehicles. It’s clearly a lofty goal to get a full conversion to EVs without a decrease in available drivers.

In a separate announcement, GM said it will offer employee pricing on a new Chevy Bolt EV for eligible Uber drivers. The employee pricing also works with an $8,500 national rebate Chevy runs for the Bolt. And that’s before any state and local tax credits for purchasing an electric vehicle. If EVs can become cheap enough, Uber’s plan of an all-electric future could get closer to becoming reality.

Discounts On EV Accessories

GM also said it will provide a 20% discount on electric vehicle accessories. That includes costly one-time charges like at-home charging equipment. Again, the discount is for eligible Uber buyers. Uber added that it will also expand access to Uber Green — its internal service to order a ride in an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Aside from a 100% electric vehicle fleet in American cities, Khosrowshahi also said the company aims to be net-zero emissions at the corporate level by 2030.

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