Researchers in the United Kingdom are developing autonomous vehicles that can repair the roads. Specifically, they are designed to fix potholes and other defects in city streets without a human operator.

Repairing potholes can be both labor-intensive and expensive for municipal governments. But now, the University of Liverpool is developing a robotic, autonomous vehicle that can carry out road repairs on its own.

The university is using artificial intelligence and robotics to improve how defects like cracks and potholes on roads are detected. Going one stop further, their vehicle aims to fix the problems too. The joint venture — between the University of Liverpool and company A2e Ltd — is called Robotiz3d LTd. They are developing an Autonomous Road Repair System. Or “ARRES” for short.

The ARRES project is an example of how technology is being used to tackle issues connected to the maintenance of roads. There is potential to use it on other types of transport-related infrastructure too.

Another research project called Self Repairing Cities has received funding from the U.K.’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. That initiative – which involves the University of Leeds, University College London, the University of Southampton, and University of Birmingham – is developing drones to monitor and then mend cracks in roads. Amazingly, they will use asphalt 3D printers.

Source: Robotiz3d (Concept)

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