Mustang lovers rejoice!

Ford has announced that they are releasing a brand-new Mustang this November. However, it’s unlike any previous version of the iconic muscle car. The latest Mustang is, in fact, an SUV. That’s right. Ford is announcing a Mustang SUV on November 17.

Here’s what we know so far:

Ford is calling the Mustang a “performance SUV.” It will be released in both the U.S. and Europe at the same time in November. The Mustang SUV will also be completely electric. It’s actually Ford’s very first all-electric SUV. The company is promising that the Mustang SUV will be the first in a series of all-electric vehicles that it will release between now and 2022. Ford is going all in on zero emission vehicles, investing US$11.5 billion in them through the 2022 model year.

World Debut

Officially called the “Mach E,” the Mustang SUV will make its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month. It will quickly be available in showrooms across the U.S. and Europe after that. Ahead of its unveiling in Tinseltown, Ford has started a public relations campaign for the Mach E. They are trumpeting the many benefits of all-electric vehicles, including instantaneous acceleration and improved handling.

The company also recently announced that its electric vehicle customers will have access to more than 12,000 public charging stations across North America. That’s a serious investment and upgrade in charging infrastructure. Ford is also claiming that the Mach E will be capable of covering more than 300 miles (484 kilometers) on a single battery charge. If true, that would be impressive for an electric SUV. Ford obviously has their sights set on competing with Tesla’s models when it comes to range.

While it remains to be seen if the Mustang SUV can live up to the initial hype, we are intrigued to say the least. Here’s hoping that the Mach E will be another in the long line of illustrious and classic Mustangs we’ve seen over the years.

Here’s the teaser media Ford released this week:

Source: Ford

Source: Ford

Here’s a shot of Ford testing a wrapped vehicle, that seems like it could be the Mach E.

Source: Ford

This Instagram account claims the final release will look something like this. We’ll just have to wait until November 17 to find out for sure.


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