As one era ends another continues.  The final 991 generation 911 rolled off the production line in Stuttgart.  The final car was a Heritage edition speedster, one of just 70 heritage models in an already limited 1,948 car production run of Speedsters.  The Speedster was the final 991 variation released and is a commemorative throwback to the 1948 356 Speedster, that started it all. An instant collectible, 991 Speedsters are trading well above MSRP amongst well heeled collectors and enthusiasts. The 991 generation was particularly notable because it marked the 50th anniversary of the 911, along with the return of active aero elements, and the production of the 1 millionth 911.   With the 991 finished, 992 production can continue to ramp up.  Here at Autoversed we can’t wait to see what Porsche has in store for us.


Alex has been finding exciting ways to play with cars since he was a small boy. First with digger toys, then go-karts and now the occasional race car. He believes that the engine belongs in the back (#Porsche) and manual transmissions are the way to go. If it has an engine and four wheels, he will find a way to race it!