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Could Cars Lose their Name Badges?

Arguably, the most important piece of an automobile’s styling is the name badge. It’s half of the model’s calling card and pays homage to the brand of origin. Car enthusiasts might refer to it simply as the model name (the Corvette, the Mustang, and the Beetle, to name a few), but lineage is just as crucial to a vehicle’s pedigree. No other automotive manufacturer can lay claim to these specific monikers, except for the one who birthed the version itself.

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The Dumbest Car Names of All Time

With all the money in the auto industry, marketing teams within car companies spend countless hours dreaming up the perfect name when rolling out a new vehicle or model. After all, a name can evoke incredible feelings and drivers can build a very quick emotional connection to the car they are driving. Some vehicle names can be bang on, other ones, not so much.

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