Good news if you love the Porsche brand — and need a personal executive jet. The company known for its sporty coupes and race cars has announced a grandiose new deal. Porsche is now offering a Porsche 911 Turbo S, which comes with a matching Embraer private executive jet. The automaker is calling the 911 and jet combo a “Duet.” You’ll get a limited-edition 911 Turbo S, plus a Phenom 300E. It’s a single-pilot business jet that Embraer says is the world’s fastest private aircraft (with the longest range too).

However, you had better hurry if you want one. Only 10 Duets are being manufactured and sold.

The car and jet have the same exterior color. The aircraft registration number will also be on the car’s spoiler and on the sides of the key. The Duet logo will be on the seat headrests in both machines, as well as the plane’s speaker grilles and near the airplane’s door. Both car and aircraft will have a special Duet badge as well.

Selling complimentary Porsche-branded items is not new for the automaker. The company already sells branded watches, sunglasses, and clothing. There’s even a chef’s knife set. However, those items are much cheaper than this new Duet product. The cost of the matching 911 and private jet? A cool $10.9 million. Embraer is now taking orders for the Porsche-branded aircraft, with deliveries starting in 2021.

“Porsche and Embraer share a host of common values,” said Alexander Fabig, Vice-President of Porsche’s Individualization and Classic division. “We used the know-how of both brands to work jointly on a unique pair of vehicles that are equally attractive for the customer group of jet and sports car owners.”

A licensed pilot is sadly not included in the deal.

Source: Porsche/Embraer

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