Who doesn’t love gullwing doors? From the famed DeLorean to Tesla, some of the coolest cars throughout history have sported gullwing doors. Now Porsche is getting in on the fun. A new patent filing suggests they are planning to add gullwing doors to the 718 Cayman racer, along with a V-8 engine.

Media outlets have uncovered a new filing at the European Intellectual Property Registration Office by Porsche. The filing includes basic renderings of what appears to be a 718 Cayman with gullwing doors. Speculation is now intensifying that a production model will soon be in the works. Porsche has even given a name to the newly designed 718 Cayman, calling it the “Le Mans Living Legend” concept. The name is obviously inspired by the company’s 1953 Le Mans race car.

Will Porsche Actually Produce It?

The registered acts much like patents do in North America. It  gives Porsche protection to sell or market the design without being copied. Whether Porsche will actually mass produce the car remains to be seen though. Apparently, the design concept dates to 2016. However, Porsche only filed to register it in the first week of February 2021. It certainly seems like they have bigger plans for the design. Unfortunately, Porsche has refused to comment publicly about a potential 718 Cayman with gullwing doors.

There is also speculation that a new 718 Cayman could be developed with an electric or hybrid powertrain. It’s possible that Porsche could produce a limited-run of the gullwing door model, like it previously did for its retro-designed Porsche 935.

Whatever the outcome, the fact remains that a design concept for a Porsche 718 Cayman with gullwing doors actually exists. That seems to be enough to get a lot of people excited. Stay tuned!

Source: EUIPO

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