When Ford officially unveiled the 2021 Ford Bronco, a green version was conspicuously missing from the lineup. It seemed a bit odd, since every major automaker is slowly shifting towards hybrid and electric models.

Now, less than a week after the new Bronco debuted, there’s some (unofficial) hints at a battery-powered version.

This according to Input Magazine, who claim to have stumbled upon the video evidence. In a video showing off the Bronco’s implementation of the Ford Sync software and new animated controls, they spotted a label that read “EV Coaching.” That could mean a hybrid or EV version of the Bronco is on its way. Alternately, it could mean nothing. Perhaps it’s just a placeholder label in an old version of the software.

Here’s the video, if you want to judge for yourself.

Although Ford didn’t announce a hybrid or fully electric Bronco, they had previously mentioned plans for those models. An old Autoevolution post allegedly contain a transcript from a Ford shareholder meeting, where CEO Jim Hackett said ““[W]e’re adding hybrid electrics to high-volume profitable vehicles like Explorer and the new exciting Bronco.”

Ford would not conform that a hybrid or EV Bronco is on the way, when questioned by Motor1.

Ford is marketing the Bronco as a direct competitor to Jeep’s lineup of rugged off-roaders. Perhaps the greener versions of the Bronco don’t quite fit in that box, leaving Ford with an ace up their sleeves for a future announcement. For what it’s worth, Ford already manufactures the Ranger and F-150 with hybrid engines.

Source: Ford.com

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