BMW wants to help you avoid those costly speeding tickets. The German automaker is launching a new subscription service that allows drivers to see speed cameras, traps, and other traffic-enforcement measures before they get caught by them. It sounds like an integrated version of Waze, exclusive to BMW drivers.

Part of ConnectedDrive Suite

BMW is offering the technology as part of its “ConnectedDrive” suite. It already includes concierge services, online speech processing, and real-time traffic information.

Plenty of phone apps such as Waze and Google Maps already offer this sort of service. However, what sets the BMW system apart is that it relies on a nationwide network of public fixed and mobile traffic camera locations. It specifically doesn’t require the same crowd-sourced data of Google and Waze. In theory, BMW’s service should be more reliable than a bunch of random strangers flagging things on Waze.

Monthly Fee

BMW’s system uses data from radar and laser detectors to notify the driver through their infotainment display in real time. It should help you avoid any costly speeding fines.

The subscription service is powered by Here Technologies and Cedar Electronics. It will be available as a three-month trial on certain 2021 BMW vehicles. After that, the cost for a subscription is $25 a month. The subscription service is part of an industry-wide push for more pay-as-you-go features. Auto brands see subscriptions as a reliable way to secure ongoing revenue. BMW previously tried it with Apple CayPlay, only to see owners (and Apple) push back. Volvo is currently selling a subscription service that offer a brand new model every four months.


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