The phrase “bigger is always better” might have finally reached its upper limit. At least when it comes to digital screens in vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz just one-upped every other automaker on the planet, in terms of their infotainment offering. The German luxury brand recently unveiled their “Hyperscreen” display. It’s a massive 56-inch, pillar-to-pillar touchscreen that spans the entire width of the vehicle. Of course, it can also be controlled via voice commands. The Hyperscreen will debut in the upcoming EQS luxury sedan.

Although it appears to be one large screen, it’s actually multiple smaller screens behind one solid piece of curved glass. There is one screen behind the steering wheel, providing the usual dashboard information for drivers. There is another screen in the center console for infotainment features like GPS, heating and cooling, and stereo control. Finally, there is a third screen facing the passenger seat too, providing additional screen space for… whatever Mercedes plans to put there. The whole system will be powered by the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) software, which was first introduced back in 2018.

Technical Details

Are you ready for some marketing speak? Of course you are!

Mercedes says the Hyperscreen will include “zero layers.” In theory, that means you won’t have to navigate through various menus and sub-menus to access the controls.

“The most important applications are always available in a situational and contextual way at the top of the driver’s field of vision,” says Mercedes.

Here’s a further example they provided:

If you always call one particular person on the way home on Tuesday evenings, you will be asked to make a corresponding call on that day of the week and that specific time of day. A business card appears with their contact information and – if it’s stored – their photo will appear. All MBUX suggestions are linked to the user’s profile. If someone else drives the EQS on a Tuesday evening, this recommendation would not be made – or another one is made, depending on the preferences of the other user.

Need some technical details? We have those too. The Hyperscreen features 12 actuators to provide haptic feedback under the touchscreen. The glass features two cover plates to reduce glare. The glass itself is made of scratch-resistant aluminum silicate. There’s also a finger print sensor, voice recognition, or a boring ol’ PIN code built into the system. Facial recognition cameras are also available, but for an extra cost. The air vents are incorporated on each side, giving the entire Hyperscreen a truly unique look.

The MBUX allows you to save driver profiles, including seat settings, interior lighting, radio settings. It easily surpasses previous “larger” infotainment screens, including the Ram 1500’s 12-inch version, the 15-inch Tesla screen, and even the 33-inch beast in the new Cadillac Lyriq.

Here are some more photos, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.


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