Finally! An electric RV.

Lordstown Motors, the Ohio-based electric vehicle start-up, is partnering with Camping World to build a fully electric recreational vehicle. The two companies are calling the new venture a Class E RV.

Lordstown sees the proliferation of Camping World locations as a good match for the small Midwestern city. Camping World will service Lordstown’s electric RV, as well as their Endurance electric pick-up trucks (pictured). The arrangement with Camping World will free up Lordstown from having to build its own service centers. It will also help jump-start electrification within the RV industry.

The Lordstown and Camping World partnership will also yield electrified RVs and travel trailers. Lordstown will likely adapt its platform to accommodate an RV. They will also work on a battery for travel trailers that can be integrated by companies such as Thor, who build fifth wheel trailers. Those vehicles will also be available through Camping World.

Camping World is planning to spend $4 million updating its infrastructure to handle electrification. That investment will include EV charging stations for both electric RVs and trailers at all Camping World locations in the U.S.

Camping World plans to have a mock charging station ready for testing by June 2021 and an electrified trailer available to test in 2021. Consumers should see them on sale in 2022, the company said.

Source: Lordstown Motors

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