Luxury automaker Lexus has announced it will undergo a global rebrand later this year.

Lexus, a subsidiary of Toyota, announced the brand redesign as they teased a new concept car. Images of the still-unnamed concept show that the iconic “L” badge has been removed. It has been replaced with the word “Lexus” on the backend of the vehicle.

Lexus, which has been in existence for 32 years, said the new concept car “illustrates the company’s intentions for the future, and marks the beginning of the next generation of Lexus.”

Joining the EV Revolution

Industry analysts expect that Lexus will soon announce plans to electrify its vehicle models. The announcement could come within a couple of months, even. Lexus is also expected to reinvent their designs for the new electric age. They will also likely add more technology — including advanced semi-automated driving systems.

The teaser images released by Lexus don’t show much. There’s a shot from the rear and a fairly dark angle of the front corner. Check them out below to see for yourself. We see a relatively low roof accented by a fin, a sculpted rear bumper. It looks much wider than normal. The company’s name is also written in a new font.

Early analysis of the images suggest that the Lexus concept car is the crossover EV they hinted at back in December 2020. Lexus was planning to unveil the concept car at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. However, that event has now been canceled (for the second year in a row) due to the pandemic.

Source: Lexus

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