Honda is killing off the Civic sedan in its home market of Japan. Again.

Although sales of the Civic helped build Honda into the global automotive giant it is today, the sedan is increasingly unpopular in its home market of Japan.

This isn’t even the first time that Honda has announced it will stop selling the Civic in Japan. Honda first killed off the Japanese version of the Civic ten years ago, as consumer began to embrace smaller cars. However, they decided to give the model another shot in Japan after the Civic was overhauled in 2017.

Sadly though, sales did not improve. As a result, Honda is again ending sales of the Civic throughout Japan. While the Civic Hatchback and Civic Type R will remain available, the standard Civic sedan will once again depart Japan. Honda only managed to sell 1,619 of them in Japan in 2019, according to a statement from the company.

The Civic sedan may seem small to North America drivers, who prefer larger SUVs and pick-up trucks. However, it’s actually a larger car in Japan. The size didn’t sit well with Japanese car buyers who are overwhelmingly focused on tiny city cars that embrace hybrid or fully electric technology.


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