Hacks to Keep Your Whip Running at Its Maximum Potential

I own a car. Since you’re reading this, that probably means you own one too. In fact, millions of people around the world drive and own cars. While some are cheap, beat-up and ugly, others are expensive, sleek and beautiful. Regardless, they all come in handy for one important task: driving from Point A to B.

But, the truth about cars is they do eventually start to have problems. And, it’s because of this saddening fact that it’s you must keep your car in a good state of repair and maintenance at all times. If you don’t, the only service you’ll be giving your car is a funeral service! Of course, keep in mind that car maintenance does not involve spending thousands of bucks. It’s the simple process of taking general steps to caress and love your car.

Follow these simple hacks and maintenance tips regularly to keep your whip running at its maximum potential.


Engine – Yep, That’s the Engine Under the Hood

  • Check the Oil Level – Without the correct oil level, your car’s engine could seize. To prevent this and keep your car engine running smoothly like baby oil, it is important you check the oil level regularly.
  • Examine the Belts – There are a series of drive belts at the front part of your engine that loop around various pulleys to provide power for your car wheels to move. As a result, get your accessory and timing belt checked every 25,000 miles and replaced after every 50,000 miles.
  • Top Up the Coolant – Without the coolant, your engine will could heat up and eventually break down. To prevent this, be sure to top up the coolant every month to ensure your engine stays cool and calm and doesn’t give up on you.
kurhan / Shutterstock.com

kurhan / Shutterstock.com


(For further information contact Mikaela Banes from “Transformers”. She certainly knows a thing or two about engines and “gear boxes” –don’t look at me, ask Sam Witwicky)

Wheels and Tires – Fix that “Dragging” Problem

  • Check Tire Pressure – Is your car dragging like an old hag? Check the tire pressure and have it properly adjusted. Keep in mind bad tire pressure could result in your car transforming into a gas guzzler, hindering fuel-economy and handling and comfort.
  • Rotate Your Tires – But don’t your tires rotate every day? Well, they do, but by rotating I mean to switch tire places to ensure they stay in optimal condition.
  • Clean Brake Dust – Brake dust contains all sorts of nasty stuff. Leave it too long and your wheels will be caked with moisture and road grime. Consequently, use a damp and wet sponge to clean brake dust every month.
baranq / Shutterstock.com

baranq / Shutterstock.com

Electrical System – Keep Calm and Don’t Get Electrocuted

  • Inspect the Spark Plugs – The spark plugs are responsible for creating that “spark” and igniting the fuel-and-air mixture to start your engine. Hence any troubles with the plugs could result in weak performance from your car. So, inspect them regularly and replace if necessary.
  • Check the Battery – If your car has been giving startup issues, check the battery. If the battery is weak, you will notice a black color on the indicator, but if it’s healthy, you will see a green color.
  • Clean Battery Terminals – Dirty battery terminals make it difficult for the current to pass around the electrical system. So, remove the terminal caps and clean each contact with a wire brush.
Charles Knowles / Shutterstock.com

Charles Knowles / Shutterstock.com

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