Good news for gamers who also love cars.

Fortnite, arguably still the most popular video game in the world, has just added a bunch of drivable vehicles. Previously, most cars or trucks in the game were stationary. Their only real use was acting as cover during a gunfight or harvesting for metal materials. You might be asking yourself whether an auto blog really needs to be covering this story. In response, we say: “lighten up, it’s Friday!”

Fortnite is appropriately calling the newest update “Joy Ride.” The game’s developers, Epic Games, has added a small fleet of vehicles to the familiar island map. They provide a new way to get around and interact within the video game.

Other modes of transportation have come and gone in Fortnite before. They included helicopters, hoverboards, boats, planes, Bouncers (a clear, round pod that could roll across the ground), and even a grappling gun. However, this is the first time that Fortnite will have actual cars and trucks to get around.

Players can hop into everyday vehicles, round up their squad, drive around, fill up at gas stations (or from throwable gas cans), shoot the tires out of rival’s cars, and drive trucks up ramps and onto roofs. Like many previous vehicles in Fortnite, the new cars have their own healthbar. They can be destroyed if they take too much damage.

The vehicles that can be used include a DeLorean-style sports car and a range of sedans and pick-up trucks. There’s also a semi-trucks that can smash through walls. Many of the sedans are modeled on the Chevy Malibu.

Taking a cue from Grand Theft Auto, Epic Games has also added radio stations to their rides. You can select songs from artists such as Drake, Post Malone, and Ariana Grande as you drive around the expansive video game world.


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