Move over Tesla Motors, there’s a new player when it comes to premium electric vehicles.

Last night at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, a company called Faraday Future introduced the world to the newest all electric supercar, the FF91. It hopes to compete with the Tesla Model S for the title of best luxury electric vehicle, and appears that it has the right specs to do so.

According to vice president of propulsion engineering Pete Savagian, the FF91 boasts 200-kW fast charging capability, which should give drivers an estimated range of 378 miles. However, that range will drop if drivers are gunning the engine often to make liberal use of the car’s 1,050 horsepower motor.

One big problem about the FF91, though, is that it doesn’t have a pricetag yet. You can get put on the waiting list over on the Faraday Future website, where you can also choose to pay a $5,000 “priority reservation” fee that will guarantee you one of 300 personalized “Alliance Edition” models of the FF91. The company says they plan to fully launch to vehicle in Spring 2018. The only word on final cost is that the FF91 will carry a final bill in line with other premium vehicles, so read into that whatever you want. For comparison sake, the Tesla Model S starts around $85,000 USD ($109,000 CAD).

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