The Volkswagen Beetle might be making a comeback – already!

After 74 years of production, Volkswagen discontinued the compact Beetle sedan in 2019. At the time, the German automaker said it would not redesign or relaunch the Beetle again. Instead, the “people’s car” would be relegated to the history books. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess declared, at the time, that the “Beetle is dead forever.”

But now, only a year after production of the beloved Bug was halted, a new European trademark has been filed by Volkswagen. It might be a sign that the Beetle will return as an electric vehicle.

According to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, Volkswagen has filed an application for the “e-Beetle” trademark. At the same time, it also submitted applications for other well-known nameplates, including the “e-Golf Classic,” “e-Karmann,” and “e-Kübel.”

It appears that VW is planning to resurrect several of its more popular brands as electric vehicles. The Volkswagen microbus is already scheduled to be reborn with electrical power in 2022. The recent trademark filings by Volkswagen cover vehicles, parts, and accessories, as well as vehicle service.

Volkswagen takes pride in its heritage and vintage automobiles. This is especially true when it comes to classic nameplates like the Beetle. It would not be a surprise for the company to revive one of its most iconic vehicles in a futuristic format. However, whether they actually put the Beetle back into production, or are just covering their branding right, remains to be seen.

In a 1999 “Car of the Century” competition to determine the most influential car of the 20th century, the Volkswagen Beetle placed fourth. Only the Ford Model T, the Mini, and the Citroën DS topped it.

Source: Volkswagen

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