Americans might be driving less right now, but that doesn’t make their vehicles less useful.  More and more of us are using our cars just to get some alone time during the ongoing pandemic, according to a new study conducted by TrueCar.

The survey found that 73 percent of Americans say they they’ve used their vehicle to “get away” from the people that they live with during the pandemic. Obviously the “stay home” and “shelter in place” orders have caused some extra cabin fever.

Respondents said they have been spending more time in their cars to escape for a little while. They are using the time to get a break from their living environment and immediate family. A total of 56% of Americans surveyed said they are grateful to have their car to take leisurely drives and getaway in a safe environment.

In addition to escaping the pressures of home life, 37 percent of Americans said they’ve used their vehicles to take personal or business phone calls. Anything for a bit of quiet, right? Another 32 percent said they have turned their driver’s seat into a makeshift office or work space. Looks like Ford had the right idea when it designed the new F-150 for work tasks that go beyond the construction site.

Perhaps the most interesting finding from the TrueCar survey is that a majority of people see their vehicles as more than just a mode of transportation. A total of 68 percent said their car is an extension of their family. Over a third of respondents admitted to giving their vehicles a name. In what has been a strange year, many people are now saying that their car has turned into a “home away from home.”

We can’t really blame them.


Devon is a writer, editor, and veteran of the online publishing world. He has a particular love for classic muscle cars.