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8 Cars the Founding Fathers Would Be Proud Of

Many people think America has lost its way, especially when it comes to the auto industry. However, although the American people had to bail out the auto industry in 2008, there are still cars that our founding fathers would be proud of.


Jeep Wrangler

General George Patton is quoted as saying victory in Europe would not have been possible without the Willis Jeep. Although the Willis company is long gone, the spirit of their Jeep lives on today in the Jeep Wrangler.

Although much larger and safer than its great grandfather, the current generation of Jeep Wrangler still holds on to many of the original’s characteristics, including the convertible top and fold down windshield. But now the Jeep Wrangler isn’t meant for just winning wars, you can take the kids to school thanks to the unlimited model’s rear doors…although roads are optional for the trip.

SurangaSL / Shutterstock.com

SurangaSL / Shutterstock.com

Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette is an American icon. The Corvette was born in the 1950s as a competitor for the Ford Thunderbird, and it did win that battle. But that was only battle it really won until this latest generation, which is now a viable alternative to the Porsche 911 or even a Ferrari.

Snap2Art / Shutterstock.com

Snap2Art / Shutterstock.com

Chevrolet Suburban

Like the Corvette, the Chevrolet Suburban is easily recognizable. It’s everything people think of when they think of American cars. The Suburban is big — so big you could conceive and raise a family in this land yacht.

The Suburban is also powerful, with power coming from a 5.3-L V-8 and with four wheel drive capable of going anywhere you want it to. Granted, when it comes to fuel consumption, the Suburban isn’t a Prius, but the latest model does manage to make at least 20 on the highway. For all of these reasons, the Chevy Suburban is as American as apple pie.

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