What Makes the Sierra Different Than the Silverado?

Like we said before, the differences between GMC’s two trucks are merely skin deep. Since GMC is more of a luxury line, the Sierra is priced a bit higher than the Silverado. You can get a base model Silverado for $28,085 whereas a base Sierra goes for $30,000. This is reflected throughout all trim levels, with the GMC costing just a bit more than a comparably equipped Chevy.

Another thing that separates the Sierra from the Silverado is cabin quality. Many reviewers have called the Sierra’s cabin the quietest in its class. Generally, GMC trucks have a better equipped interior than their Chevrolet counterparts. However, the gap has been narrowed recently with the introduction of the Silverado High Country. That truck has Sierra Denali levels of luxury and a price tag to match as both models start in the mid-$50,000s.

Aside from pricing and cabin quality, the biggest thing that separates the Sierra from the Silverado is its exterior design. Do you prefer c-shaped headlights or a more stacked design? Do you like grilles that are basic or a bit busier? If we had to choose, based on looks that is, our vote would go to the Sierra. It’s more modern and upscale than the everyman Silverado, which is what GMC is going for.

Dong liu / Shutterstock

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