The Popular Cars Most Likely to Get Stolen This Year

If you think your car is perfectly safe from any kind of crime, you need to realize something critical: your car could disappear and get stolen at any moment. Car theft is incredibly common, and it happens every day in every city and suburb.

In 2017, the FBI found that more than 770,000 vehicles were stolen. And certain models were stolen far more often than others.

It’s clear that car theft is on the rise – in 2012, the FBI reported 50,000 fewer thefts. That’s why it’s so important to know just how much you’re at risk today. And you need to know which cars are commonly targeted by thieves so you can know if yours is likely to wind up stolen.

The Most Popular Cars Stolen Each Year

Here’s how you can determine your risk of finding your vehicle stolen: familiarize yourself with the most commonly stolen models and model years. Car thieves specifically target cars that they can make money off of, meaning they seek out popular models with parts that can easily be resold.

Here are the most stolen vehicles in the U.S. according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s annual Hot Wheels Report:

1. Honda Civic

45,062 Civics were stolen in 2017. The 1998 model year is thieves’ favorite, with 6,707 1998 Civics stolen.

2. Honda Accord

43,764 Accords were stolen in 2017. The most targeted year is 1997 – 6,301 of the Accords stolen were produced in 1997.

3. Ford Pickup (Full Size)

35,105 Ford pickups were stolen in 2017. 2006 Ford trucks are the most at-risk of theft, with a total of 3,151 stolen.

4. Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)

30,058 Chevrolet pickups were stolen in 2017. The 2004 model year is the most popular among thieves, with 1,970 2004 Chevy trucks stolen in a single year.

5. Toyota Camry

17,278 Camry vehicles were stolen in 2017. Newer Camrys are popular with thieves – 2017 was the most-stolen model year, with a total of 1,100 thefts.

6. Nissan Altima

13,358 Altimas were stolen in 2017. Newer Altimas are the most enticing to thieves, and the 2016 model year was the most commonly stolen vehicle with 1,450 going missing.

7. Toyota Corolla

12,337 Corolla cars were stolen in 2017. The 2016 Corolla was stolen the most frequently, with thieves taking 1,012.

8. Dodge Pickup (Full Size)

12,004 Dodge full-size pickup trucks were stolen in 2017. The most popular model year for criminals was 2001, with 1,242 trucks from 2001 disappearing.

9. GMC Pickup (Full Size)

10,865 GMC pickup trucks were stolen in 2017. Thieves love the latest GMC trucks, as 2017 was the most-stolen model year with a total of 957 thefts.

10. Chevrolet Impala

9,487 Impala models were stolen in 2017. Thieves particularly targeted the 2008 Impala, stealing a total of 991 from that model year alone.

Prevent Car Theft with a Theft Protection Plan

If you own a high-risk car that criminals love to steal, the smartest way to protect your investment is to find a car theft protection plan. Insurance companies offer this theft-specific insurance protection, giving you an extra level of security at an affordable price. If your car is one of the most-stolen models found here, consider finding a car theft protection plan to keep your vehicle and your money secure.

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