Elon Musk gave future Model Y owners a pleasant surprise this week. The all-electric crossover will not only ship much sooner than previously promised, but also feature an increased driving range.

In a letter to Tesla investors, Musk announced the Model Y will enter production six months earlier than planned. The previous date was Fall 2020, but the new schedule will start production this Spring. That wasn’t the only good news, either. Musk states that the Model Y will also ship with an increased range. The battery will be rated for up to 315 miles. That’s 35 more miles than the previously promised 280 mile range.

The Model Y is Tesla’s answer to the high demand for crossovers. It’s bigger than the Model 3 sedan, but not as big as the Model X — Tesla’s full-on SUV. It’s currently available on their website in Long Range and Performance trims. They start at $52,990 for the Long Range or $60,990 for the Performance model. That’s before any extra accessories or software upgrades are added.

The seven-seat version of the Model Y is still available for order on the Tesla website. For those wanting a larger version, you’ll have to wait until 2021. The first batch of Model Y’s will be made in Tesla’s factory in Freemont, California. Production may also take place at their Gigafactory in Shanghai. However, those vehicles would likely only be sold in China.

Source: Tesla.com

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