The Best Auto Shows in the World

Get your calendars out and your colored markers ready! We’ve gathered a list of the top automotive shows in the world, complete with dates, details, and just enough tantalizing information to make your gas-fueled mind percolate.

Most will not be fortunate enough to attend even two or three of these international events, let alone the whole list. But with the wide reaches of the Internet and a few candid shots, you may just feel as if you’re in attendance. Imagine: the press around you are snapping up photos, industry experts monologuing, and eye-catching, flashy presentations bouncing off mirror-like paint finishes to delight all your senses. Although you can’t touch it, we know you’re going to photoshop yourself into the driver’s seat anyway.

Keep reading to learn more about the best auto shows of 2019. We can’t guarantee they’re all worth the pretty penny to attend but consider putting one — or more — of them on your wish list.

Why Visit an Auto Show

Car enthusiasts worldwide understand the forceful draw of an automotive show. It’s a platform where brand names and up-and-coming manufacturers announce their presence and extend their heritage.

Auto shows are a great way to sit in and even test drive cars you might soon see on the road next to you. These shows tell us where the industry is headed and what lies in store for future drivers. Having a pulse on the automotive future may even hint at what’s next for other sectors as well.

Automotive shows aren’t just about the products, though. As much as we love to gaze across a carpeted arena at the enormous hunks of metal turned gems, it’s the people that bring the show to life. Personality is key. It’s what sets each brand apart from the others and leads buyers this way or that on the path to their next car. So, while you might not be closing any deals at a car show, you’re still interacting with experts and enthusiasts. Speak with them for even a few minutes and you might just pick up some industry knowledge!

What You Can Expect to See at an Auto Show

If we haven’t convinced you to attend an auto show yet, give us one more chance.

If they could, cars would strut their stuff around the auto show circuit like purebreds at a dog show. Coats agleam, wheels glistening, and in overall tip-top form, models would dazzle the audience with each prancing stride. But don’t think this is just a show for puppies! The young and old are welcome.

Automotive brands display both best-selling models and conceptual designs at most auto shows. However, auto shows are also a chance for marques to test out what could be the next best-seller. If the reception at the show is good, chances are that particular design could see production. If not, who doesn’t like a good one-off, limited run of the weirdest and wackiest?

So, while you’re going to see new and old designs at most shows, a lot of hosts will invite associated vendors as well. From electronics equipment and car care to aftermarket upgrades and customizations, personalization, as we said, is key. Just remember to bring a notepad and pencil with you. You’re sure to have plenty of gift ideas for the car lover in your life.

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