Auto insurance can really add up fast. It’s required for every driver – but with the average cost of car insurance totaling $1,621 per person each year, many people struggle to pay their monthly premiums.

And if you’re a veteran, finding affordable auto insurance is critical to save money. Fortunately, there are special savings available just for military veterans. The only way to get these discounts, however, is to know where to find them.

Veterans and their families can qualify for discounts of between 3 and 7 percent on auto insurance. But discounts vary from state to state and provider to provider. So, if you’re looking for a way to save on your car insurance and you’re a U.S. military veteran, the following are the insurance companies and discounts you need to know.


Routinely ranked high in customer satisfaction and celebrated by both J.D. Power and Consumer Reports for its service, USAA is a fantastic insurance provider. And, more importantly, USAA is the only major insurance company that offers policies solely for former and current members of the military and their families.

USAA offers auto insurance coverage that’s as comprehensive as customers could possibly need. However, you won’t have to pay sky-high premiums. USAA prides itself on offering special rates for its military customers, and this insurance company keeps its rates affordable with added discounts.

Veteran Discount

In addition to competitively-priced auto insurance policies for all current and former members of the military, USAA also offers a discount. All service members receive a discount of 15 percent on comprehensive coverage for any vehicle located on a military base. 

Additionally, if you’re a USAA member and you get deployed, you don’t have to pay the full price of auto insurance while you’re gone. USAA gives deployed service members a discount of up to 60 percent

USAA’s veteran and current military discounts can vary from state to state. Make sure to check with USAA about the details for a policy in your area. You must meet qualifying requirements and be able to prove your identity as a current or former member of the U.S. military, or your family relationship.


One of the leading insurance providers, Geico offers comprehensive auto insurance policies just about everywhere in the United States. And, fortunately for veterans, Geico is also one of the few insurance companies that offers a standard discount that’s just for members of the military.

Geico is a popular auto insurance choice thanks to its affordable policies and straightforward coverage options. You can get a fast quote online or over the phone, and Geico encourages customers to shop around to try to find a better price – giving you confidence in your insurance rates.

Veteran Discount

Geico offers a discount of up to 15 percent for all retired or active duty military personnel, National Guard members, and enlisted members of the Reserves. This discount is available on your regular auto insurance policy. To take advantage of it, just speak to Geico – you may need to provide proof of your military service.

Additionally, current members of the military will also enjoy emergency deployment discounts for anyone who’s deployed to an imminent danger area or who’s storing a car.


You likely haven’t heard of Arbella before, but if you’re a veteran, it’s an insurance company worth considering. Based in Quincy, Massachusetts, Arbella offers insurance policies throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. It’s gained plenty of recognition despite its small size and regional focus – Arbella was named one of the Best Places to Work for three years straight, and it has a big focus on offering discounts to drivers of all different backgrounds.

Veteran Discount

One of the discounts offered by Arbella is a military discount, which is available to qualifying customers. The discount offered by Arbella isn’t technically a veterans’ discount, but this insurance provider does offer a special rate for active duty military. Anyone who’s currently on active duty – at least 100 miles from their car – will receive a 10 percent discount.

Additionally, you may be able to qualify for other discounts. Arbella offers discounts ranging from 2 percent up to 10 percent for things like new customers, good grades, multiple vehicles, or even driver training courses.

How Veterans Can Find More Affordable Auto Insurance

Veterans don’t have to pay full price for auto insurance – special discounts do exist. But the key to getting a lower price is knowing that these discounts are available, and where you can find them.

Many auto insurance companies don’t list their military discounts for veterans or current service members openly on their websites. So, in order to find these discounts, you’ll need to search for them. For example, Esurance says that it saves veterans and military members money – but there’s no specific discount. The only way you can save is to seek out these options and ask for them.

Don’t settle for full-priced auto insurance. If you’re a veteran, you need to know your choices and your discount options. Search before choosing a policy, and always make sure to seek out a discounted rate.

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