Next year’s Geneva International Motor Show is in jeopardy of not taking place.

The 2021 Swiss auto show may not happen, say organizers. They are currently assessing the feasibility of holding the famed international event. This year, the Geneva Motor Show was one of the first of the major automotive events to be canceled due to the pandemic. The cancellation occurred just days before to the event was scheduled to take place back in March. Other major 2020 car shows quickly followed suit. Automakers who were planning to launch brand new models in Geneva were forced to postpone the debuts. Some simply launched their vehicles online instead.

Now, the Geneva Show may also not take place in 2021 either. A combination of social distancing concerns and growing financial issues has cast a shadow on the event returning. According to a press release published by the organizers, their financial position has “significantly weakened” in recent months.

To raise funds, Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles (OICA) says it would have to take a loan from the Swiss government – something that it opposes.

The loan, as stated in a press release, amounts to about US$17 million. It also includes “subcontracting of the event.” Exhibitors of the Swiss auto show have also expressed support for refusing the loan and have urged the OICA to plan the next edition of the Geneva Motor Show for 2022 instead.

Organizers of the event say they are assessing the situation constantly. They will announce soon whether the Geneva Motor Show will proceed in 2021. The Geneva Show is one of the largest in the world. It regularly brings in 600,000 visitors and 10,000 journalists from all over the world for the ten day event that takes place each year in March.


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