Tesla has been given permission to start selling its Shanghai-made Model Y SUV throughout China. The country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Beijing published the approval on its website Monday. The permission should further boost Tesla’s sales in the world’s largest consumer market.

Shipping To Europe

Tesla already sells the Model 3 in China. They have been building new manufacturing capacity in Shanghai to make the Model Y. The company applied for this permission earlier in November. Tesla had started delivering vehicles made in its Shanghai factory last December. They sold more than 13,000 Model 3 units in China in October alone. Tesla’s made-in-China Model 3 vehicles are also being shipped to Europe. About 3,500 Model 3s from China were shipped to Europe this autumn.

Manufacturing Superchargers

Tesla also said they plans to also start making EV chargers in China in 2021. They plan to invest $6.4 million in a new factory to produce up to 10,000 new “Superchargers” a year to serve the domestic Chinese market. Superchargers allow Tesla owners to charge their EVs quickly. Tesla aims to have enough of them distributed so that their customer can worry less about range issues or finding places to recharge their car.

Source: Tesla

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