The Apple Car is alive and well.

The long-awaited (and long rumored) Apple self-driving car is reportedly still in development. In fact, the company expects it to debut in 2021. All of this according to a Taiwanese report in the Economic Daily News.

Apple said back in 2017 that it had been granted permission to test its autonomous vehicle on public roads in California. That was a huge step forward for the technology company and its self-driving car. However, two years later, Apple decided to scale down the project. They removed about 200 people who had been working on the project, leaving doubts about the future of the vehicle.

New reports now suggest that Apple is not only still working on the car, but they are reportedly two years ahead of schedule. A number of automotive parts suppliers have started preparing to ramp up for production of the Apple car. Companies like Heda, BizLink-KY, Heqin, and Tomita are believed to be working on components that should be delivered during the first two quarters of 2021. The final version of the Apple car could make its debut in September 2021.

Apple remains officially cagey about the exact development stage of the project. However, this new information suggests the technology giant is very close to the final testing phases for the autonomous vehicle. We should see the final production version of the Apple car next year. If we’re lucky.


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