The Bestselling Vehicles Of 2019

The final figures have been tallied and the numbers are in on the bestselling vehicles of 2019. As you probably expected, the top sellers are dominated by trucks and SUVs. Sedans, hatchbacks, and minivans have all taken a backseat to larger and more utilitarian vehicles. The top sellers tend to offer more passenger and cargo…

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The Fastest Cars Under $100,000

There are so many factors that must be considered when buying a car. The way it handles, fuel economy, safety features, trunk space. The list goes on and on. But sometimes, you just have to throw practicality out the window and focus on one all-important stat: speed. There’s a perception that the auto industry is…

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Auto Industry Trends To Watch For in 2020

A new year (and new decade) are upon us and with it comes a fresh outlook for the automotive industry. Journalists, business executives, and prognosticators are already busy making their 2020 forecasts.  There are plenty of issues and changes they predict will drive carmakers over the coming year. And indeed throughout the entire decade. Through…

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Behind the Wheel

2018 Toyota Prius: Beautifully Efficient

The 2018 Toyota Prius continues the long line of tradition by presenting an incredible exterior with a powertrain featuring lithium-ion batteries on almost all versions. As always, the Prius gives you excellent fuel efficiency, with the plug-in model of the Prime going 25 miles in EV mode.

2018 Dodge Grand Caravan: An Icon at The End of The Road

Dodge is keeping the 2018 Grand Caravan alive after a mild refresh, but there’s no doubt that the end is near for a car that helped shape the automotive landscape and became an icon in the process. This is a car seeing out its final days, surrounded by younger, fitter, stronger family members like the Chrysler Pacifica. But they all know that without this trailblazer then they might not be here at all.

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