The 13 Biggest Automotive Debacles Of All-Time

The history of the automotive industry is littered with innovations and vehicles that failed miserably. For every Tesla there’s a Gremlin. For every GPS device there’s an automatic seatbelt. Whether they were the result of hubris on the part of auto company executives or just plain bad ideas, the failures in the global car industry…

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Inside The 2020 Lincoln Corsair: A Compact SUV With Big Ambitions

With the 2020 Corsair, Lincoln is trying to bring some swagger and prestige back to its brand. The company has its work cut out for them with the Corsair, which replaces the MKC nameplate. That’s because the new Corsair faces stiff competition from other compact luxury SUVs – namely the Audi Q5, BMW X3, and…

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6 Exciting Upcoming SUVs Priced Under $30,000

Buying a brand-new SUV doesn’t have to come with an extremely expensive price tag. Some of the hottest new SUVs scheduled to be released in the next two years are actually affordable. And, with many priced below $30,000, they’re good for any budget-conscious driver.

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Behind the Wheel

Ford’s 2018 Flex: Move Over Minivans

Despite the prevalence and popularity of crossovers, the market for minivans shows no signs of dying out. In fact, since most manufacturers have trimmed up and kitted out their hoard-hauling mommy-helpers, it seems crossover SUVs and minivans are not mutually...

Green with Envy: The 2018 Chevrolet Volt

For a car that first appeared in 2011, the Chevrolet Volt has been largely successful at avoiding the scornful comments most anti-Prius proponents fling at electric cars. All the same, it’s not a car for everyone. The Volt isn’t completely...

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