Volvo customers can now swap their new vehicle after only four months.

For anyone who loves having a brand new car, this might be the service you’ve been looking for. “Care by Volvo” is a subscription service that allows you to exchange your vehicle every four months.  Originally, the service offered a vehicle swap every 12 months.

Let’s say you buy a Volvo XC40. Then four months later you decide you’d rather be cruising in an S60 sedan. Well, good news. You can make an easy switch. You can also cancel the service after only four months, if you want.

The shortened timetable could attract more customers to the service. It’s especially useful in areas where a sedan might be nice in the summer, but the winter calls for a more robust SUV. Every vehicle available in the service are all-wheel-drive equipped.

Care by Volvo is a standard subscription service. The monthly rate varies, but includes the vehicle, maintenance and insurance. Its initial launch was so popular that it overwhelmed the company, leading to delays in vehicle deliveries.

Even with the relatively quick swap-out timeline, Volvo says subscription customers will always get a new vehicle. As vehicles are turned in, they are added to a retailer’s pre-owned inventory.

Source: Volvo

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