Mercedes-Benz is launching a performance line of electric vehicles for consumers. The German automaker plans to build the performance EVs under its AMG sub-brand. Mercedes said it will utilize technology from its Formula One racing team to develop high-performance hybrid and electric vehicles for the street.

The new vehicle line-up will officially be called Mercedes-AMG E Performance. One of the first initiatives of the new performance line-up will be to incorporate the F1 team’s technical expertise. That means Mercedes’ racing DNA will be a direct part of the new lineup. One example is an electric turbocharger that is currently used in the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 race cars. That technology will soon be transferred to AMG production models.

In future, Mercedes expects to incorporate additional F1-proven technology into the performance EVs. That includes high-performance batteries and battery cooling systems. It’s expected that the F1 race team will help promote the Mercedes-AMG performance EVs once they are introduced to the marketplace.

Since 2012, the Mercedes F1 Team has provided powertrain technology for use in the company’s consumer cars. The first EV performance vehicle is expected to be the 1,000-horsepower Mercedes-AMG “Project One.” This vehicle is expected to arrive as a production car later in 2021. AMG said in a news release that it will combine “stunning racetrack performance and practical Formula 1 hybrid technology.”

Another likely performance candidate is a turbocharged, V8-powered hybrid version of the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe. Early rumors are that it’s expected to exceed 800-horsepower.


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