Lexus has regained its crown as the most dependable vehicle, according to the latest rankings from J.D. Power & Associates.

Overall, long-term reliability measures posted their best result ever in the 32-year history of J.D. Power’s annual Vehicle Dependability Study. A total of 121 problems per 100 vehicles surveyed were reported in the latest study. That’s compared to 134 problems per 100 vehicles in the previous 2020 report.

Porsche Lands In 2nd Place

Across all vehicle brands, Porsche ranked second behind Lexus in terms of overall dependability. The German brand’s 911 model took top honors for fewest reported problems for the second time in three years. Toyota placed fourth, while Cadillac and Buick tied at number five with 100 reported problems per 100 vehicles.

Hyundai, Genesis — the winner of last year’s dependability crown — Lincoln, Acura and BMW filled out the top ten.

Tesla Near The Bottom

Tesla was included in the J.D. Power study for the first time. However, they placed 30 out of 33 brands surveyed. Their tanking is not considered official, though. Tesla did not allow J.D. Power to survey its owners in a total of 15 states. For that reason, J.D. Power adds an asterisk beside their ranking. In all, Tesla was found to have 176 problems per 100 vehicles manufactured.

Lexus ranked highest among the premium brands. Meanwhile Kia was considered the best among mass market brands.

In addition to the top ten brands, Chevrolet and Mitsubishi did better than the industry average. Mazda performed right at the average. Aside from Kia, other brands above the industry average that showed strong improvement were Cadillac, Acura, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi.

Audio and Navigation Problems

At the bottom of this year’s rankings are Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, and Land Rover. Together, they averaged more than two reported problems per vehicle. Volkswagen had the biggest performance decline across all brands, slipping from sixth place overall in 2019 to 23rd place in 2020. Only Chrysler, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, and Land Rover placed lower in this year’s rankings.

Of the eight problem categories covered in the study, all showed overall improvement. The gains were led by exterior and driving experience. Audio, communication, entertainment, and GPS navigation categories showed minimal improvements as well. However, they also remained the category with the most problems reported.

The study measures the number of problems reported per 100 vehicles over the past 12 months. The 2021 study is based on responses from 33,251 original owners of 2018 model year vehicles after three years of ownership. Responses were collected from July to November 2020.


The full rankings of this year’s survey are as follows:

  1. Lexus
  2. Porsche
  3. Kia
  4. Toyota
  5. Buick & Cadillac
  6. Hyundai
  7. Genesis
  8. Lincoln
  9. Acura
  10. BMW
  11. Chevrolet
  12. Mitsubishi
  13. Mazda
  14. Industry Average
  15. Mercedes-Benz
  16. Ram
  17. Dodge
  18. Mini
  19. Subaru
  20. Audi
  21. Nissan
  22. Ford
  23. Infiniti
  24. Jeep
  25. GMC
  26. Volvo
  27. Honda
  28. Volkswagen
  29. Chrysler
  30. *Tesla
  31. Jaguar
  32. Alfa Romeo
  33. Land Rover

*Unofficial ranking due to limited surveying.


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