The new 2017 Silverado pickup truck provides several innovative safety features and high tech navigational options without sacrificing the raw performance that helped make earlier generations of these trucks so popular. With three available engine selections, and a wide range of possible upgrades, customers enjoy the ability to customize their pickups to meet their needs. The Silverado continues to offer solid pickup truck value in today’s increasingly diverse automotive marketplace!

Even with this year’s iterations, customers still enjoy the ability to select among several Silverado models: the 1500, the Silverado HD, the 2500HD, the 3500HD, and the special HD editions of each. Since Chevrolet separates its heavy-duty pickups into their own category, this article focuses on the lighter-weight Silverado 1500. These full-sized pickups have acquired a loyal following of customers due primarily to their durability and impressive towing and hauling capabilities.

Size and Basic Specs

A new Chevrolet Silverado work truck starts at a MSRP list price of $31,525 for a standard box vehicle with a regular cab, providing seats for up to three passengers. Long box work truck models command a slightly higher initial list price of $31,825.

Prices rise significantly depending upon the number and quality of selected upgrades, as well as available features. Additionally, the truck dimensions will vary widely, depending upon the customization options. For example, customers choose between three possible pickup box lengths: 5 feet, 6 feet, or 8 feet.

You can add extra seating and extended cab options if you plan on carrying additional passengers. A standard 2017 Silverado 1500 work truck offers a length of 205.57 inches, a maximum height of 74.13 inches, and a maximum width (without mirrors) of 80 inches. These roomy vehicles fall into the category of full-sized pickup trucks.

You can also select a 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 regular cab, double cab, or crew cab in a variety of attractive exterior paint coats. Standard shades include: Red, White, Silver, Black, Pepperdust or Graphite. Alternatively, choose from three available tint coat colors (Siren Red, Ocean Blue or Pearl) to obtain a slightly glossier exterior metallic sheen.


A new Chevy pickup truck must appeal to vehicle shoppers interested in long term, durable performance. These vehicles have become workhorses in many business settings. Most full-sized pickup truck purchasers prefer cargo hauling and towing capabilities.

In this respect, the Silverado does not disappoint. Customers can choose from three available engine and powertrain options to achieve their preferred level of horsepower and torque. The standard 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 engine offers light towing capabilities. However, Silverado buyers who need more power can select a more powerful V8 engine in order to undertake heavier work projects. Chevy also provides 5.3L and 6.2L Flex Fuel engines in the V8 category. It makes sense to discuss your specific towing needs in detail with your local dealership to determine the best engine and powertrain components for a new 2017 Silverado.

Standard mechanical features in the Silverado include four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, six-speed automatic transmission, StabiliTrak suspension and four wheel drive capabilities. This full-sized pickup offers truly remarkable cargo hauling and towing features. Customers can obtain an available trailering package to assist with towing needs.

Safety Features

Several available safety options distinguish the 2017 Chevy Silverado. The truck offers extensive built-in safety features, including side and front air bags, an integrated brake controller system and a sturdy steel frame construction. An available rear vision camera assists drivers operating the truck in reverse gear.


The 2017 models include a standard four speaker audio system with an AM/FM radio. However, customers enjoy options for upgrading infotainment. Available selections include a Chevrolet Mylink diagonal touch screen, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, OnStar navigation and accident assistance and an audio system with six speakers.

The Silverado Versus Its Chief Competitors

The Silverado excels as a pickup capable of hauling a lot of cargo and pulling tailors and other loads reliably. Its chief competitors today in the United States still include its longtime rivals, the Ford F-150 and the Dodge Ram 1500. Ford recently redesigned the F-150, making its brand lighter in weight and more fuel-efficient. The trimmer style does not appeal to all truck buyers, especially many customers interested primarily in towing capabilities. The re-design did allow Ford to reduce the initial starting prices of its leaner F-150 models, however.

Additionally, both Nissan and Toyota have recently created competitors in this category. The Nissan Titan and the Toyota Tundra both vie for customers interested in full-sized pickup trucks with towing power. The Silverado still compares favorably in terms of its trailering capabilities with the Tundra in the opinion of most reviewers. The Titan, which begins at a slightly lower MSRP than the Silverado 1500, may offer strong competition to Chevy and other U.S. brands this year.

Fuel Efficiency

Due to its heavy construction, the 2017 Silverado does not achieve the impressive fuel efficiency of some lighter modern vehicles. A standard Silverado work truck gets an estimated 15 miles per gallon in heavy city traffic and an estimated 20 miles per gallon on the open highway. Fuel usage estimates can vary widely however, depending upon the size and weight and powertrain components of the vehicle.

Pros and Cons

Just consider some of the pros and cons associated with these widely popular pickup trucks. The 2017 Chevy Silverado price ultimately paid by a buyer varies significantly, based upon whether the customer chooses to take advantage of available options. By selecting features and upgrades carefully, drivers enjoy the ability to customize these vehicles to meet their personal goals.

The impressive number of built-in and available safety features represents a significant positive feature. Additionally, the ability to tailor the 2017 Silverado to a buyer’s personal requirements for a pickup contributes to the pickup’s overall cost-effectiveness. Customers won’t need to pay for towing or trailering capabilities they never plan to utilize, for instance.

Additionally, the new Silverado offers a truly impressive array of navigational technology options. Both the quiet, well-insulated cabin and the intuitive available display panel option for Chevrolet MyLink allow vehicle occupants to access roadway and safety information easily. The Silverado includes standard USB ports to permit the re-charging of hand held mobile devices during travel.

Some drivers will probably consider the absence of a diesel engine option a negative aspect. Several competing brands, including Nissan’s 2017 Titan and the new Dodge Ram pickup trucks, do offer a diesel engine option (which would allow customers to conserve money at the pump using cheaper diesel fuel).

Additionally, while the heavy weight of the Silverado appeals to many truck buyers interested in reliable towing capabilities, this design feature does make the 2017 models less fuel-efficient than some leaner, lighter weight competitors, such as the Ford 150. A trade-off exists between the truck’s heavier frame and its fuel consumption.


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