Incredibly Futuristic Safety Features Cars May Have Very Soon

It’s crazy to think that at one time cars didn’t have seatbelts. Sometime in the future, people will wonder how we got by with safety technologies that don’t exist yet, which will make life a whole lot less painful for humanity.
Below is a glimpse of some safety features cars may have in the near future. This cutting-edge tech could one day literally save your life, or the life of a loved one, making it essentially invaluable.

Land Rover invisible hood

The first thought a lot of people have when they hear about this technology is Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak or Frodo’s ring. Instead of using some sort of witchcrafty magic, the Brits have just come up with pretty clever technology to make it appear like the hood on an SUV has disappeared.

Cameras on the front of the vehicle send an image to the windshield, which projects it over the driver’s view. Anyone who has gone off-roading knows this is a useful feature, because it could help you avoid driving straight into a deep ravine or over your buddy who passed out after throwing back one too many cold ones on the trail.

Self-driving abilities

So many people really hate driving, and it’s all the fault of humans. Let’s face it, most people behave like complete morons once they get behind the wheel. Instead of actually paying attention to where they’re going, drivers are checking out the latest sports scores, texting a friend about Friday night plans or even watching a movie.

How anyone expects to not ram their car into the back of a semi-truck when their eyes are fixated on the latest Kim Kardashian news is a mystery, but people do it.

This is why we need the robots to rescue us and do the driving, at least for anyone who really doesn’t want to be controlling where they’re going.

Even if you hate the idea of letting the vehicle have all the fun of navigating through rush hour traffic, keep in mind that it will keep the Prius drivers from swerving out in front of you or going slow in the fast lane, which will make everyone safer and happier.

Ford vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity

Good ol’ Ford has done it again, creating cars that talk to each other in ways that few without engineering degrees really understand. The company announced not too long ago that it actually leveraged the same kind of technology NASA and others use to communicate with robots in space to improve vehicle connectedness.

If that sounds confusing, you’re probably not alone. Basically, what that means is that in just about every possible situation, your future car can talk to satellites, cell phone towers and even other nearby cars on the road. If one vehicle hits a patch of black ice on the road, it automatically sends out an alert so everyone else knows to avoid the area, or at least to go slow. It could also be used to warn about sudden weather or traffic problems.

Of course, people who wear tin foil hats are already theorizing that this tech will be used by the government to trick everyone into attending a Justin Bieber concert, but that’s obviously just paranoia.

Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

Frederic Legrand – COMEO /

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