Performance Driving Schools, or High-Performance Driver Education (HPDE) as it’s often called, has a lot of benefits for drivers young and old. While many people dismiss Performance Driving Schools as race car training for amateurs. However, the reality is that this kind of training helps everyday motorists become better drivers – period.

These schools teach people several valuable driving techniques and offer information you wouldn’t get in a traditional driver’s education program. Yes, these schools teach people how to drive at high speeds. And yes, the training typically occurs on a racetrack. However, the instructors also take time to break students of their bad driving habits — which we all have but may not be aware of. Here are five reasons why everyone should attend a HPDE course.

Better Vehicle Control

You may think you have good control over your car, but think again. Most motorists engage in a number of terrible habits that hinder their ability to properly control their vehicle – especially when driving at high speeds on highways. At HPDE, the instructors will teach you the best position to sit in for steering, as well as the best methods for braking and the proper techniques for shifting gears.

This may all sound rudimentary, but you’d be surprised at how often you’re doing all these things improperly. In the end, you will leave the course with a much better understanding of how to handle your vehicle. You will absolutely have more control than before taking the course.

Reduced Wear and Tear

A side benefit of learning how to properly and accurately shift gears, brake, and steer is that there ends up being less wear and tear on your vehicle over the long-term. People are amazed at how much longer their car lasts when they are no longer grinding the gears, slamming on the brakes, and jerking the steering wheel.

The term “driving a car into the ground” typically refers to how a driver treats the vehicle. Once a vehicle is handled smoothly and properly, it not only performs better, but last longer too. The breakdown of car components can be forestalled by learning how to drive more efficiently.

Ability To Drive In All Conditions

Rain, hail, sleet and snow. After attending HPDE, you’ll be able to tackle all weather conditions with ease. This is because the instructors provide practical, hands-on training to help people drive through any and all weather conditions. And on any type of road surface. After attending HPDE, you’ll no longer be intimidated by Mother Nature.

On the track, the instructors provide practical skills like how to brake on wet slippery streets or defensive driving maneuvers to avoid collisions. This is a radical difference from traditional driver’s ed programs that dispense pearls of wisdom like “drive carefully” when it’s snowing outside or “pump your brakes” to avoid hydroplaning in deep water.

Better Understanding Of Your Car

Legitimate HPDE take the time to teach you even more about your vehicle. How it works, why it drives and handles the way they do, and how it can breakdown when not properly cared for. From the function of the clutch to how coolant circulates through an engine, HPDE really enhances your understanding of your own car.

This, in turn, makes you both a better driver and a better car owner. Knowledge is key and HPDE goes above and beyond the instruction that is found in typical driver’s education programs. If you want to learn more about how cars should optimally function, then be sure to attend a HPDE course.

Become A Safer Driver

When it’s all said and done, what HPDE really does is turn out more confident and safer drivers. The goal is not to simply churn out faster drivers. Keep in mind that fast drivers are not necessarily the most dangerous people on the roads. It’s usually the timid, non-confident drivers that cause accidents.

The techniques taught at HPDE courses enforce concentration, focus, and defensive driving. Taken together, this promotes safety on roads and highways. People coming out of HPDE courses are arguably better and safer drivers than 99% of motorists you see out there on your daily commute. Consider joining them!


Devon is a writer, editor, and veteran of the online publishing world. He has a particular love for classic muscle cars.