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Most Nostalgic Cars: They Just Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

Most modern cars are full of gizmos and gadgets that we don’t really need, when you think about it. Additionally, most new cars lack that soul and classic appeal many cars from previous generations had.

Most Beautiful Cars: They Don’t Call ‘Em Hotrods for Nothing

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some cars on the road today are more “ugly step-sister” than Cinderella. (The Nissan Juke comes to mind.) These are some of the most beautiful cars on the market today – but be warned, some of them have quite a hefty price tag.…

8 Cars the Founding Fathers Would Be Proud Of

Many people think America has lost its way, especially when it comes to the auto industry. However, although the American people had to bail out the auto industry in 2008, there are still cars that our founding fathers would be proud of.   Jeep Wrangler General George Patton is quoted as saying victory in Europe…

7 Famous Cars of the Silver Screen

Unless you’re car mad, chances are when you go to the movies, you don’t pay attention to what vehicle the hero is driving. That’s a shame, because oftentimes the car itself is the star of the entire movie.

Tips for Finding the Best Car Deals

Personally, I’ve always been fond of driving new cars, regardless of whether they’re mine or not. But the feeling of owning your own vehicle — your baby — is something completely different.

Trying to Sell Any of These Cars Online Will Only Lead to Disappointment

Some cars lose their value faster than others even before they start shooting black smoke out of their butts. It isn’t your fault, of course, as the resale value is connected to poor advertising, changes in fuel economy, number of recalls, and….