Introduced in 2019 as a small but powerful sedan, the Mercedes-Benz A Class was warmly received by consumers and critics alike. The A Class competed well in the tiny luxury car segment, faring well against rivals such as the Audi A3 and BMW 1 and 2 Series.

With the new 2020 model, Mercedes is not reinventing the wheel. There are no radical changes to the new A-Class. Instead, they only made a couple of smart adjustments that improve on an already impressive vehicle. Here is everything you need to know about the 2020 Mercedes-Benz A-Class compact sedan.

The Engine Remains the Same

It should come as no surprise that the new 2020 model utilizes the same turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine as the 2019 model, given that it’s still only a year old. The engine remains a key selling point for the A-Class sedan, especially since it produces 188 horsepower and 221-pound feet of torque. The powertrain helps push the A-Class to reach 60 mph in 7.1 seconds. That’s impressive for such as tiny car. The A-Class really is the little car that could.

Included Technology is Impressive

As one would expect with a luxury Mercedes, the A-Class comes very well-equipped with technology and other cool features. These include a panoramic sunroof, dual-zone climate controls, power seats, over-the-air software updates, a rearview camera, and seven-inch touchscreen HD infotainment system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Advanced safety features can be purchased for an additional cost of $2,250 and include rear cross-traffic alerts, blind-spot monitors, lane keep assist, lane change assist, and more. For a further $1,090, you can add a surround-view camera and active parking assist.

There Are Only Two Trim Levels

The 2020 A-Class only comes in two trim levels – the A220 and the A220 4Matic. The main difference between the two is that the A220 4Matic comes with all-wheel drive, while the A220 model comes with standard front-wheel drive. Everything else between the two trims is pretty much the same – from the standard multimedia package to the leather seats.

The 2020 A-Class comes so well-equipped at the entry level price, there is little reason for you to pay for additional options, upgrades, or enhancements. The only real decision you have to make with the A-Class is whether they want it to have all-wheel drive or not. Anything else is just luxurious (and expensive) bonus.

It’s Available in a Hatchback Model (But Not in the U.S.)

It is worth noting that Mercedes is offering the 2020 A-Class in a hatchback model too. Known as the A-250 Hatchback, this model shares many similar traits with the sedan in terms of technology and performance. Of course, the interior size is smaller for passengers, though the cargo area in back is larger.

The A-250 Hatchback is also available in an all-wheel drive version. It’s a little more expensive than the sedan at a starting price of $35,990. If a hatchback is your thing, then you may want to consider the A-250 model. It’s not quite an SUV, but it’s slightly more than a normal sedan. Unfortunately, Mercedes hasn’t released this version in the United States. Canada and Europe are enjoying it, though.

Fuel Economy and Pricing Are Attractive

The A-Class has decent fuel efficiency for a gas powered sedan. It gets 24 miles per gallon when driven in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. That’s pretty close to the top of the spectrum for compact sedans and on par with Mercedes’ rivals. In terms of pricing, the 2020 A-Class is aimed at consumers who want luxury comfort and style but not at luxury prices. As such, suburbanites should find the 2020 A-Class attractive at a starting price of $32,500 for the A220 model. The all wheel drive A220 4Matic model is slightly more expensive at a starting price of $34,500. As mentioned, both models come well-equipped at those prices, with little need for additional upgrades and costs.

The Last Word

Anyone who has longed to drive a Benz (but can’t afford to pay top dollar for one) should consider the compact 2020 A-Class sedan. It provides the luxury, comfort, and performance of a Mercedes at a more reasonable price.

While not a lot has been improved in the 2020 model, we can argue that there wasn’t much to improve on the first place. The 2019 version of this car was already an impressive debut. Still, for the relatively low cost compared to other Mercedes models, you can get yourself into a quality luxury sedan that is reliable, impressive, and good on gas. This car is definitely worth considering.


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