If you’re in the market for a new car but don’t want to break the bank, take a look at the 2020 Hyundai Sonata. This midsize sedan is a fuel efficient option for consumers wanting to choose an eco-friendlier ride but don’t have the budget for a full electric vehicle. Right now, there are a ton of money-saving incentives dealers are offering to entice buyers. You can find out which offers are available near you with an online search.

Not only are there current deals worth looking into, but there is also potential for prices to drop even further once the newest version of the Sonata is available to purchase. Search online to see just how affordable the 2020 Sonata can be.

Here’s why you may be able to save significantly on the 2020 Hyundai Sonata.

There Are Savings When You Lease

Financing the 2020 Sonata currently starts at $23,600, but you could pay a lot less money to drive it off the lot by leasing instead. Dealers are offering some noteworthy incentives that can lock you into an affordable rate for the Sonata on a leasing contract.

The Sonata is the cheapest new mid-size sedan to lease, giving it an edge against competition like the 2020 Honda Accord LX, 2020 Toyota Camry LE and even the Hyundai Venue crossover. For instance, you could get $3,000 off on a 36-month lease with the Blue trim base model. You would pay $249 per month and $2,699 at signing.

The Somata is available in four different trims, and the available incentives increase as you move up the trim level. Rebates on the SEL model have been offered at $1,750. For the top-level Limited trim, you could get $4,000 off on a 39-month lease.

Prices and promotions might vary depending on the dealership and state you’re from. You could find out what deals are available by entering your ZIP code on Hyundai’s website or browsing other dealership websites online. Another way to score a deal is by waiting for the 2021 Sonata model to hit the market.

The 2021 Sonata Might Drive Prices Further Down

Carmakers are quick to come out with new models each year, and the 2021 Sonata is something to anticipate. To make room for the latest cars, dealerships will have to quickly sell their current inventory, which includes the 2020 Sonata. How will they do that? By offering some of the best incentives of the year to drive interest from customers.

You could get your hands on a 2020 Sonata with a great lease or purchase deal by waiting for the 2021 lineup to roll out. Of course, there is always a reason to consider getting your hands on the latest model. Hyundai has improved a number of standard features and performance specs that make it an attractive option for car buyers.

Its performance will deliver a 290 horsepower thanks to the turbocharged engine. Buyers will have the option of getting 19-inch wheels on the SEL Plus model which can help to reduce noise inside the cabin for a more luxe experience. Car and Driver tested the vehicle and made it to 60MPH in only 7.3 seconds, giving it decent acceleration capabilities.

Pricing for the 2021 Sonata should start under $25,000. Its SEL, SEL Plus and Limited models are expected to range from $27,000 to $37,000. The extra dollars buy you some safety features like the safe exit warning. Drivers will be alerted of oncoming traffic while parallel parked, and passengers will be warned of oncoming traffic before opening a door.

Search Online For Deals At Local Dealerships

If you’re wanting to transition towards an electric vehicle but don’t have the money to do it just year, consider leasing a 2020 Sonata. The midsize sedan is a fuel efficient car that can be a good stepping stone towards springing for a fully electric car the next time you’re shopping for a vehicle.

Take advantage of leasing offers while they’re still around. If you wait until the 2021 Sonata model is released, you could end up with even bigger leasing incentives because dealerships want to make room for the latest lineup. Though its sleek design and tech upgrades might convince you to opt for a financing deal on the 2021 model.

Prices for leasing and financing can vary. That’s why you should search online for local dealerships near you and see what they have to offer. The website can keep you informed of the latest deals and promotions, so see what your options are online.

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