Rides of the Stars: 9 Cars Celebs Drive

As you might expect, car status doesn’t come cheap. Stylish and powerful cars can easily run up to $100,000 and beyond. Many people would love to make six figures in a year, but for a celebrity, that kind of money is just the cost of being cool.

17 Worst Racing Accidents of All Time (Video)

If you think you like to live on the edge, believe me, you’ve got nothing on these guys, who were involved in some of the worst racing accidents of all time. Be warned though, some of the video links below do depict fatal crashes. Remember them for the great racers and fearless competitors they were.

13 of the Most Unsafe Cars on the Road

Some people don’t believe in taking precautions, maybe because they figure it’s cheating the system (of death, that is) or because they love the thrill of taking a huge gamble. Whatever their reasoning, if you’re one of them, you should take a serious look at the following 13 cars.

7 Best ‘Top Gear’ Guests

Under the reckless control of Clarkson and company, Top Gear rose from a fairly boring car show into a phenomena. Not only could real gearheads stay glued to the screen, even people who had little interest in cars found the show enthralling.