The Dumbest Car Names of All Time

With all the money in the auto industry, marketing teams within car companies spend countless hours dreaming up the perfect name when rolling out a new vehicle or model. After all, a name can evoke incredible feelings and drivers can build a very quick emotional connection to the car they are driving. Some vehicle names can be bang on, other ones, not so much.

The Worst Cars Ever Made

Cars are about more than transportation. Sure, any old rust-bucket can get you from point A to point B. But even the most pragmatic car-buyers value style just as much as leg room and gas mileage. There’s no two ways about it: vehicles are a status symbol, an expensive fashion accessory. For better or worse, vehicles say as much about the driver as they do about the company that manufactured it. Why? Advertising, for starters.

9 Most Popular Cars in the US

It used to be that Americans gravitated to smaller, fuel-efficient cars because of high gas prices, combined with a severely constricted economy. Now, with more prosperity in the land and overall much lower fuel prices, people are once again returning to larger cars, trucks and SUVs in a big way.

7 Worst Car Designs of All Time

These cars are a special breed, being the kind of thing that’s the subject of countless nightmares for designers and engineers, who wake up in a cold sweat as they realize that they didn’t contribute to such an atrocity on wheels.

Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold at Auction

Unless you’re due for a big raise down at the office, owning one of the cars on the above list is likely not in the cards. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to learn about the history and heritage of these legendary vehicles.

Best Cars to Buy Used

Everyone loves that new car smell. You know what everyone doesn’t love? That new car price tag. If you want to ride around town in the latest and greatest ride, it’s going to cost you big time. Between the price of the car, the warranty, the insurance, and more, you will be lucky to get out of the dealership with your pants still in place.

7 Beastly Muscle Cars

Muscle cars hold a magical appeal, turning even the most mature of men into drooling little boys. While everyone expects a vehicle that looks like a Viper or Corvette to be fast, muscle cars can sometimes be sleepers, taking other drivers by surprise.