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9 Things You Should Know About Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are the future, and that future is fast approaching. Technology and automotive companies ranging from Google and Uber, Ford and Tesla are racing to bring autonomous vehicles to our streets. IHS Automotive estimates that, by 2035, there will be 76 million vehicles on the road with some level of self-driving technology in them.…

Inside The 2019 Mercedes S-Class Coupe: Perfectly Combining Power and Luxury

There are some obvious cars that immediately spring to mind when you think of what people would buy if they won the lottery. You know the ones: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, those types of cars. But if you have big money to spend on a car and you haven’t come by that cash quite as easily…

Inside The 2019 Porsche 911: An Iconic Sports Car With Modern Flair

Words like “legendary” and “iconic” are thrown around a lot in the auto industry, but in truth there are only a handful of vehicles that really deserve such titles. To judge whether a vehicle is worthy of such plaudits, is a good rule of thumb to check how much the look of it has changed…

Inside the 2019 Chevrolet Suburban

For years, the Chevrolet Suburban has remained the ultimate vehicle for big families. Aside from providing lots of passenger and cargo space, this full-size SUV is also capable of towing a big load. Want to learn more? Let’s take an inside look at the 2019 Chevrolet Suburban.

2019 Ford Expedition: Where Will You Take It?

The fourth-generation Ford Expedition carries over many of the refreshing external cues found on the 2018 model. Rather than looking like an F-150 in the front and an SUV in the back, the 2019 Expedition now closely resembles a Cadillac Escalade. In fact, if both models were parked next to each other, most consumers wouldn’t notice the difference. Don’t believe us? Search find 2019 Cadillac Escalade images on Google and compare them to the 2019 Expedition. Can you spot the differences?

Prices on Luxury Cars Are Dropping: Here’s How Seniors Can Find Deals

In former times, luxury cars were only available for millionaires who had a significant amount of extra cash to spend. Today, luxury cars have become much more affordable due to the emergence of modern technology. Car companies have found ways to automate manufacturing processes and the savings from these improvements are eventually passed on to buyers. The technology found in cars has also advanced exponentially in recent years to make formerly exclusive features available for only a small premium.