Canoo doesn’t just want to catch on with families. On the heels of their electric van, the company unveiled a new product this week. Their “multipurpose delivery vehicle” (MPDV) is aimed at online commerce sites to tackle the “last mile” deliveries to your homes. Or, in simpler terms, these electric trucks will bring you the crap you splurge-ordered from Amazon.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about these MPDVs is the price. Canoo says they start at $33,000, although that is certainly for the “base” battery model that achieves 130 miles of range. Larger battery versions are also available — one that goes 190 miles and another that maxes out at 230. There’s also an MPDV2, which is an even larger version of the truck. Canoo says range numbers for the MPDV2 will drop a little compared to the standard MPDV.

Check out their unveiling video:

This vehicle is set to compete with the Ford E-Transit delivery van. Other companies (both traditional and startups) are also introducing electric van and trucks. The online delivery business has exploded in 2020, for obvious pandemic-related reasons. Analysts expect the boom to continue, as most of us have grown accustom to ordering things directly to our doors instead of venturing out to stores. If Canoo can make a reliable EV with sufficient daily range, they could sell a ton of these MPDV to delivery companies around the world.

Source: Canoo

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