The 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid represents the new direction for auto manufacturers in the United States of America, Asia, and Europe. The fuel crisis of the 1970s impacted the large sedan sizes in the U.S. and Europe, while the savvy Japanese carmakers had already downsized their sedan models. The U.S. had no choice but to abandon their large cars for smaller four-door sedans. Ford gained a top position among American auto manufacturers with the success of their truck line, and now with the introduction of the stylish Ford Fusion Hybrid, their success is even greater.

Consumers don’t always make decisions about their choice for a family car entirely based on facts, but they let emotions flavor their buying decisions. Price points and fuel economy statistics pale in comparison to the rush that customers get when they look at a pristine model car in the showroom. Ford’s engineers have recently borrowed heavily from the design success of the Aston Martin and Jaguar model lines to produce a “Wow” factor unmatched by their competitors. Not many stylish cars are eco-friendly, but the market is shifting and Ford is adapting with it.

Specs and Features

The addition of alternative power has changed the game, the choice is no longer between gas or diesel. Now hybrid and electric powered cars are added to the mix and each bring along their own set of pros and cons. One key feature that is largely forgotten by the typical car buyer is the soundproofing of the car interior. Not only will you barely hear this whisper-quiet engine, you won’t have to hear other cars around you.

Among the exciting new features are a push-button engine start and a new rotary transmission selector. Ford Fusion S and SE models are equipped with a nine-speaker state of the art audio system. A newly introduced Platinum trim package includes almost all options for those customers desiring a deluxe, comfortable version of this great automobile.

MPG vs the Competition

In automotive communities, the reviews for the Ford Fusion Hybrid are entirely positive. Car writers highlight the 42 MPG fuel economy and the advanced safety and technical features used by Ford in this eco-friendly car. When comparing the Ford Fusion to the Toyota Prius and other hybrid cars in that limited market, The Ford Fusion emerges the winner against the Lexus Hybrid in price and his far more stylish that the Toyota Prius.

The Ford Fusion resembles a full-sized sedan and a not one of the new small and boxy cars aimed at the first-time car buyer. The MPG figure of the Ford Fusion comes in at 42 MPG, praiseworthy when combined with the style of this beautiful car.

Hybrid Performance

It is worth noting that the popular sports cars of the past few decades have been replaced by smaller high-performance conventional cars like the Ford Fusion. The 2017 Ford Fusion has been engineered to offer performance combined with fuel economy. Passing power, an important ingredient in highway driving, must allow for a dramatic increase in speed when needed to keep your family safe, and the Ford Fusion delivers. The Ford Fusion Hybrid has two engines, the small and almost silent 118-hp electric motor that helps the 141-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas engine to provide effortless cruising speeds up to 85 MPH by using the electric motor. The 2.0 Liter gas powered engine is there for the driver whenever extra power is required.

Styling Is Key

Today’s automotive engineers freely borrow from other manufacturer’s designs, and the grill of the Ford Fusion does resemble the grille on an Aston Martin Rapide. What is not to like about being compared to an elegant very expensive road car like an Aston Martin.

A car sitting polished and pretty in a showroom is an invitation for inspection and admiration. Ford has a great number of showrooms in which hundreds of Ford Fusion Hybrids are proudly waiting to be admired. You can bet there will be a Ford F-150 truck also situated in the showroom.

The structural lines on the Ford Focus are fluid and beautiful, although they do limit the size of the back window, slightly impairing visibility.

Thinking of Purchasing?

The suggested price for the base model begins at almost $27,000. The price for a car with these safety and comfort features is more than fair. Ford Fusion owners will also be doing their part in helping to protect our environment while saving money on gas.

The Ford Fusion is a popular car in used car departments, and a 2017 model can be bought for a saving of $4,000-5,000 below the new model price.

The Verdict

Ford is a pioneer in automotive construction and design. They have produced a car that satisfies the aesthetic, practical, and environmental concerns of the public. This is a car that is easy to drive, performs well, is quiet and economical, and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to style.

The 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid wins the battle for the American car buyer when all these factors are taken into consideration. It delivers striking style, stunning fuel economy, and is offered at a reasonable price that the average American family can afford. It’s a handsome, practical four-door sedan, and Ford is working to raise their products to a higher level of quality to compete in the expanding world markets.

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