Today’s large luxury SUVs are better equipped and more high-tech than ever before. The number of cool features to be found in the likes of the Hyundai Palisades, BMW X7 and Lincoln Navigator are truly staggering. No wonder that luxury SUVs are the hottest vehicle segment when it comes to sales. Here are nine of the coolest features to be found in the 2020 line-up of SUVs you’ll find in dealerships this fall and winter.

9. Three Rows of (Comfortable) Seating

Manufacturers have long promoted the fact that their biggest SUVs have three rows of seats. That means they can transport seven people at a time. However, until now the three rows of seating have mostly been extremely cramped and uncomfortable. Carrying seven adults usually proved to be a stretch. More like four adults and three young children, at best.

However, that appears to have changed for some 2020 luxury SUVs. Many manufacturers, from Mercedes-Benz to Subaru, has actually increased the interior size of their vehicles to provide more leg room in the back. They want to actually deliver on the promise of seating seven people in comfort. Hooray!

8. More Storage Space Than Ever Before

Another interesting feature of the 2020 class of SUVs is the ample storage capacity they have. A lot it is gained from second and third row seats that fold down into the floor. There is also storage beneath the floor panels of many SUVs.

The Chevy Suburban, for example, provides 39.3 cubic feet of cargo space. That’s more than triple what’s offered in many compact crossovers. A maximum of 121.1 cubic feet (with the rear two rows folded down) is truly epic in its scope. This should allow weekend warriors to throw everything from skis to mountain bikes in the back. After years of complaining about being cramped, the full-size SUV segment is suddenly roomy.

7. Massive Touchscreens and Infotainment Consoles

It’s true that infotainment consoles and touchscreens have been getting larger in all vehicles over the years. But they are now downright humongous in SUVs now. The touchscreen in the new Tesla Model X, for example, is 17-inches – bigger than some early televisions. The infotainment systems that are now considered “small,” such as the one in the Volvo XC90, are still 12-inches in size. Hardly small at all.

Keep in mind that it wasn’t long ago when a six-inch infotainment system was considered standard size in most vehicles, including SUVs. The latest infotainment systems are certainly practical, but they also entertain more than ever – streaming movies, real-time TV shows ,and web videos are becoming more common. That’s in addition to their normal functions of GPS navigation and controlling the stereo.

6. Heads-up Displays

They’re quickly becoming trendy, but heads-up displays (HUDs) appear to be a great new feature that many motorists love. In the new crop of luxury SUVs, such as the BMW X7, drivers can expect to get a full-color heads-up display that shows information such as the vehicle’s current speed, the speed limit, and GPS navigation right on the windshield. All without being distracting or diverting the driver’s attention from the road.

While HUD technology is still being perfected, it’s already good enough to be integrated as a feature in many full-size luxury SUVs, including the Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class. This seems to be a feature that owners have now come to expect in their SUV, and one manufacturers are delivering on.

5. Cameras (and More Cameras)

It used to be that SUV owners were happy with one rear-view camera in the back of their vehicle. Not these days, though! The 2020 SUVs are outfitted with multiple cameras – some with as many as seven. These include four cameras that surround the SUV and provide a full 360-degree image of the vehicle and a rear view camera for use when backing up. There’s even a front-facing camera mounted at the top of the windshield that helps to identify pedestrians and read speed-limit signs.

Some models also have night vision cameras that can identify people and animals in the dark, and infrared cameras that can see pedestrians behind buildings and around corners, alerting drivers before they are visible to the naked eye. When it comes to cameras, the 2020 SUVs can’t seem to have too many.

4. Multiple Driving Modes

Luxury SUVs serve many purposes. They have to be glamorous in the city but still have the capability to go off-road, tackle rough terrain, or tow the family boat. This requires multiple driving modes ranging from cruise control to all-terrain, and even all-wheel drive modes.

Some 2020 SUVs, such as the Bentley Bentayga, come with as many as eight driving modes. Count ‘em – eight! This covers seemingly every situation a driver could find themselves in, from gravel to mud to snow and ice. Whether commuting to the city for work or heading to the mountains to camp, the 2020 SUVs have the driving modes needed to do it in style.

3. Back Massages and Footrests

What makes an SUV truly luxurious? Is it the leather interior? Heated seats? High-end sound system? Technology? All of these things combined? In an effort to take luxury to new heights, SUV manufacturers are going to new extremes with the features they install in these vehicles.

Some, such as the Bentley Bentayga and Merceds-Benz GLS Class, now come with seats that provide electronic back massages and footrests for passengers. Drivers can literally get a back massage while operating the SUV and passengers can recline and put their feet up on a comfortable footrest. This may seem extreme to some people, but when it comes to luxury, no expense is being spared these days.

2. Sunroofs

They tend to come and go, but sunroofs are making a comeback in 2020 SUV models. Several full-size SUVs, including the BMW X7 and Lincoln MKX, come equipped with sunroofs. But these are no ordinary sunroofs. They are panoramic sunroofs that provide amazing views and let ample amounts of natural light into the vehicle. They’re also nice for stargazing.

While sunroofs have typically come as an optional upgrade in most vehicles, in the 2020 class of luxury SUVs, many are being provided as a standard feature. Owners can enjoy the night sky in the country and the sunshine on their drive to work. Manufacturers seem to have perfected the sunroof and are betting big that they will attract consumers to their SUVs.

1. Driver Assist Features

Driver assist features are all part of making vehicles more autonomous, on the way to truly self-driving cars. New SUVs come with plenty of these features, many of them positively futuristic. These include parking assist, braking assist, blind spot assist, and lane keep assist that prevents drifting.

There are even assistants that help to both locate your vehicle and also find available spots in a crowded parking lot. Some SUVs will even unlock themselves and pop the trunk as you approach the vehicle. There are now so many automated assistants in luxury SUVs, it starts to feel like your car is your own personal assistant. It’s all part of providing the most luxurious experience possible.


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