While there’s some subjectivity to what constitutes a good or bad car, every once in a while a vehicle comes around that is so bad pretty much everyone can agree that it stinks. These cars are a special breed, being the kind of thing that’s the subject of countless nightmares for designers and engineers, who wake up in a cold sweat as they realize that they didn’t contribute to such an atrocity on wheels.

The following seven cars are the worst of the worst, things that never should have rolled off assembly lines and been unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Brace yourself and keep a trash can nearby, because you might find yourself overcome with the urge to puke multiple times.

7. Cadillac Cimarron

BMW, Mercedes and Audi were eating Cadillac alive back in the early 1980s, and GM’s solution was the Cimarron. The vehicle was a complete joke, thanks to its being essentially a badge-engineered Chevrolet Cavalier complete with a front-wheel-drive configuration. Nothing about the car said luxury, but instead it screamed cheap and out of touch with modern car shoppers. This misstep trashed Cadillac’s previously stellar reputation, almost sinking the iconic luxury brand in the process.

IFCAR / Own Work

IFCAR / Own Work

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